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Our work is concerned with the biological concept of RNA interference. DNA is transcribed into RNA, which then is translated into proteins. These proteins determine an organism's phenotype, or the physical manifestation of an organism's genotype. Thus, an organism without RNA will not express a phenotype. We are, as the name suggests, interfering with the RNA in order to prevent the expression of a gene (also known as gene silencing). Our target gene is the DPY-10 gene in the organism C. elegans. DPY-10 codes for normal body development. If we silence this gene, the organisms are short and fat, or "dumpy." A flowchart detailing the concept of RNA interference (RNAi) is as follows:


For more detail regarding our procedure please visit the "About Us" section. For even further specificity, browse the following sub-pages which highlight certain vital components of our project.

Worm Care Editor: Aashay Vyas
Isolation of Genomic DNA Editor: Deo Deiparine
PCR of Target Gene Editors: Maxine Lammers and Rod Maier
Creation of Cloning Vector Editor: Bryan Rehor
Transformation Editor: Nick Pagani
Feeding of Worms Editor: Nicole Page
Wiki-Master: Shiv Gandhi

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